Sound Shower

Panphonics Sound Shower® directional speakers deliver high-quality, focused audio to a desired area, without disturbing the surroundings.

Sound Shower® creates a shower of sound. Sound Shower® directional speakers are widely used in a variety of places such as; museums, banks, retail stores, airports, etc. Speakers reproduce clear voice sounds even at a low volume, making it easy for the listener to hear and understand the audio message even in a noisy environment.

Several speakers can be placed close to each other. Still, different audio messages do not disturb each other due to the speakers' high directivity.

Sound Shower® directional speakers are available in the following sizes and models:

  • SSHP 60 x 20 cm (Sound Shower Passive)
  • SSHP 60 x 60 cm (Sound Shower Passive)
  • SSHP 120 x 20 cm (Sound Shower Passive)
  • SSHP 180 x 20 cm (Sound Shower Passive)
  • SSCP 60 x 60 cm (Sound Shower Compact Passive)
  • SSH 60 x 60 cm RS (Sound Shower Active RS model)
  • External amplifier: AA160e or AA160mm

*   SSH60X60 RS model is the only active unit with a built-in amplifier.
**  Three color options are available: black, white, or cloud image in blue/white color. Custom colors available upon request.
***   SSHP series is the only series with hanging wire kit. Other models have VESA compatible holes for your own mounting brackets.

Please contact us through the CONTACT FORM and let us hear your request.

Sound Shower® directional speakers have the following key elements and benefits:

  • Highly-focused audio delivered only to desired spot
  • Strong sound pressure level to accommodate even the most challenging operational environments
  • Extremely high speech intelligibility means your message is clearly delivered to the listener even in noisy environments
  • Easy to install - connect speakers with our amplifiers with a speaker cable, plug-in the power supply unit and your audio source (XLR or RCA audio input)
  • Automatic volume adjustment based on ambient noise level - no need to manually adjust volume constantly
  • Ultrathin (2-3cm) profile and stylish design makes the speakers easy to integrate into any architectural environment

Gadget Fair, Moscow


Pictures from Gadget Fair organised in Moscow, Russia by our local partner RIWA



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Airport Improvement Magazine


Panphonics directional audio solution was installed to Dallas International Airport in late 2013. Airport Improvement Magazine has issued an article o